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Cambridge Dictionaries Online

Study Tools: Dictionaries, encyclopaedias and more >

Upper Intermediate 1


Raise Your Level

Learn useful vocabulary that will enable you to improve your English.


Crime & Punishment

Crime Vocabulary & Reading

Crime Vocabulary

John Robs a Corner Store - short quiz

Scrambled words

Legal words matching quiz

Video Lesson: Laws & Courts This website has video


You have one minute to read the vocabulary list and then you have to answer some questions. Go>

Matching quiz

Video Lesson: Interview This website has video

Learning Ladder

Colourful game from the British Council. Topics include football, jobs and houses.

You need Flash. Go>

Vocabulary at

Vocabulary on numerous topics.

Level: Upper Inter to Advanced. Go>

Personality Adjectives

Defintions and exercises.

More personality adjectives

Feelings vocabulary

Feelings quiz

Personality Crossword


Personality adjectives: useful videos with subtitles This website has video (You need RealPlayer)

What are the British like? - Intermediate

What are the Americans like? - Intermediate

What are the French like? - Intermediate / Upper Intermediate

The Jones family (personality adjectives) - Upper Intermediate

What's your astrological sign? - Intermediate / Upper Intermediate

Extreme Adjectives

Short quiz. An extreme adjective such as (absolutely) wonderful is stronger than (very) good. Go>

Quiz 2

Matching Game (Easy)


Five exercises. Click => to go to the next one. Go>

Life Stages

Get promoted, get divorced, a bachelor, a widow, a toddler etc. Definitions and exercises. Go>

Birth, marriage and death wordsearch

Love & Marriage - Jennifer ESL Video Lessons

Study with Jennifer, an English teacher in the USA.

Level: Upper Inter to Advanced. This website has video Go>

Vocabulary Lesson 8 - Love & Marriage

Vocabulary Lesson 9 - Synonyms for Love

Reporting Verbs

Useful verbs such as accuse, complain, beg, urge - definitions and exercises.

More Reporting Verbs

TV, Film and Media

A 10-question quiz. Go>

Vocabulary to talk about films

2-player quiz on TV expressions

Entertainment (8-question quiz)

Cooking Words

Hangman game. Go>

Weather Vocabulary

Explanations of vocabulary and links to exercises.

Extreme Weather Gap-Fill Exercise

Extreme Weather Crossword




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