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Cambridge Dictionaries Online

Study Tools: Dictionaries, encyclopaedias and more >

Pre-Intermediate Level


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Movie Genres Quiz

Do you know these films, and how to describe them? Go>

Video: 'Music & movies' This website has video (You need RealPlayer)

Parts of the Face

Picture quiz - click the right word. Go>

15-question quiz

At the Doctor's

Vocabulary and an exercise. Go>

Health Problems Quiz

Easy Quiz

Conversation at the Doctor's This website has sound

Holiday Vocabulary

Video lesson: 'Planning a Trip'. This website has video Go>

Supermarket Shopping Game

Play 'Trolley Dash' and practise vocabulary for food, household goods and containers. You have to collect everything on your shopping list. This website has soundGo>

School Subjects and Classroom Objects

Pictures and games. Click to hear the pronunciation (British English). There is also a summary of the British Education system. Please note that primary school is for children aged 5-11 and infant school is for ages 5-7.

You need RealPlayer. This website has sound Go>

Buildings and Places in a Town

Pictures and games. Click to hear the pronunciation (British English). The conversation at the end is very difficult!

You need RealPlayer. This website has sound Go>

Picture Quiz: In the City

Video: 'Giving directions' This website has video (You need RealPlayer)

Relationships - Video Lesson

move in, break up, slow down and other useful expressions.

Level: Pre-Inter to Intermediate. This website has video Go>

Action Words (Sport) - Video Lesson

Level: Pre-Inter to Intermediate. This website has video Go>

Keep Fit - Video Lesson (Elementary to Pre-Inter)

Illustrated Vocabulary

Clothing, clothing accessories and transport. Pictures, words and quizzes. Go>

Feelings Adjectives

Ten useful words. Go>


Pictures and quiz. Go>

Question Words

Fifteen multiple choice questions Go>

Headway Games

Four games from the popular English textbook New Headway. You need Flash. This website has sound Go>

Dolphin Game - Multiple choice quiz

Marble Game - Which verbs and nouns go together?

Space Game - Make a sentence

Stress Monsters - Find the stress in each word

Useful Verbs

Definitions and exercises. Go>


Picture quiz. Go>

Quiz 2

Video Lesson: Fame

Lesson by Misterduncan. This website has video Go>

Cooking Vocabulary

Turn the pages to learn the words. American English. This website has sound

Cooking Verbs

Kitchen - US Picture Dictionary

Kitchen - UK Picture Dictionary

Dining Room - US Picture Dictionary

Kitchen Quiz

Useful Objects Quizzes

Match the word and the picture.


School and Office

What Do You Say?

A quiz about short, functional expressions. The questions start easy, but get harder. There are twenty in total. Go>


Video: 'What's the weather like?' - Pre-Inter / Intermediate This website has video (You need RealPlayer)


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