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University Section


1. Overview

2. Analyse Question

3. Research

4. Essay Structure

5. Tone

6. Paragraphs

7. Argument

8. Introduction & Conclusion

9. Final Draft

10. References



Cambridge Dictionaries Online

Study Tools: Dictionaries, encyclopaedias and more >

6. Writing Style: Paragraphs


Writing that Flows

How do you make paragraphs that are well-structured, present a single, clear argument and contain sentences that flow naturally from one to the other?



Writing Effective Paragraphs

Advice about when to start a new paragraph and how to structure it. Go>

Constructing the Paragraph

Topic sentences, support sentences, transitions and ordering. Go>

Dividing into Paragraphs

A new paragraph is required each time there is a change of focus.  In this exercise, you practise dividing a text into appropriate paragraphs. Go>

Topic Sentences

A good technique for writing paragraphs is to include one key sentence (often the first) that summarises the main idea. Go>


Use linking expressions to give structure and clarity to your line of argument. Go>

Visit Okey-Dokey's linking words page

UVic Writer's Guide - Paragraphs

Detailed guide from the University of Victoria. Go>




Grammar & Vocabulary Tips

Useful Expressions

Manchester University's excellent 'phrasebank', with expressions for all kinds of functions including classifying, comparing and contrasting, and defining terms. Go>

More examples of comparing and contrasting


Mini-lesson on using paraphrase in your writing. Go>

More advice about paraphrasing


Advice on rewriting a sentence by another author in your own words. Remember to make a reference to the author to avoid plagiaism. Go>

Modified Repetition

When a person or thing occurs several times in the same paragraph, try to use different words each, for example, to refer to Tony Blair, you could use Blair, Mr Blair, he, the Prime Minister or the PM. Go>


Read how parallel structures can make your writing clearer, neater and more powerful. Go>


Avoiding unnecessarily long sentences. Go>

Backwards-Referring 'This'

A very common and useful technique to help your writing flow. Go>


This is more difficult. It looks at how to organise your sentences so that there is an easy flow of information from one sentence to the next. Go>

UVic Writer's Guide - Sentences

Detailed guide from the University of Victoria. Go>





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