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University Section


1. Overview

2. Analyse Question

3. Research

4. Essay Structure

5. Tone

6. Paragraphs

7. Argument

8. Introduction & Conclusion

9. Final Draft

10. References



Cambridge Dictionaries Online

Study Tools: Dictionaries, encyclopaedias and more >

Essays Homepage


Develop an Effective Style

Taking the best material from universities worldwide, Okey-Dokey's step-by-step guide can take you closer to producing great essays!

Top Sites!

Manchester University's Phrasebank

Useful example sentences. Go>

General Functions - more useful phrases

Middlesex University's Guide to Essay-Writing

Useful advice. Go>



Introduction to Academic Writing

1. Overview


Read this if you just want a quick guide, or an introduction to the principles of academic writing. Go>

Before you Write

2. Analyse the Question

Give yourself the right direction. Go>


3. Research

Make the best use of your time in the library. Go>


Writing Guide

4. Structure

How do I take my research and arrange it into an appropriate structure. Go>

5. Tone

Writing Style: Achieving the right level of formality. Go>


6. Paragraphs

Writing Style: Useful expressions, plus hints to make your writing flow. Go>

7. Arguments

Writing Style: Expressions for presenting and developing your arguments. Learn how to convince your readers! Go>

8. Introduction & Conclusion

Create a strong first and last impression. Go>


Finishing Touches

9. Final Draft

Redrafting (making improvements to the first draft of your essay) and proofreading (those important final checks). Go>

10. References

Learn how to write a bibliography and build quotations into your essays. Go>

The Essential Essay

Essay-writing advice from Go>



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