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University Section


1. Overview

2. Analyse Question

3. Research

4. Essay Structure

5. Tone

6. Paragraphs

7. Argument

8. Introduction & Conclusion

9. Final Draft

10. References



Cambridge Dictionaries Online

Study Tools: Dictionaries, encyclopaedias and more >

7. Writing Style: Presenting Your Argument


Convince Your Reader

Expressions for presenting and developing your arguments. See also References to learn how to build quotations into your arguments.



Arguing and Discussing

Structures and expressions for stating your views. Go>


It is important to support your argument with relevant examples. Go>

Assertion, Example

Assertion, Evidence, Evaluation

Assertion, Development

Using Charts

Bringing in tables, charts and diagrams as supporting evidence. Go>

Okey-Dokey's Guide to describing statistics - page 1

Okey-Dokey's Guide to describing statistics - page 2

Phrases for Being Critical

From Manchester University. Go>

Commenting on other authors' work

Specifying the Context

Your viewpoint may apply in one context and not another. These adverbial expressions make your precise argument clearer. Go>

Cause and Effect

Linking word practice and example paragraphs. Scroll down to see useful language. Go>



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