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University Section


1. Overview

2. Analyse Question

3. Research

4. Essay Structure

5. Tone

6. Paragraphs

7. Argument

8. Introduction & Conclusion

9. Final Draft

10. References



Cambridge Dictionaries Online

Study Tools: Dictionaries, encyclopaedias and more >

2. Analysing the Question


Your First Step

No matter what the subject, the most important task of any essay is to provide a relevant answer to the question. Time spent understanding and analysing the question is therefore a very good investment.



Key Words in Essay Titles

A basic glossary of typical terms used in essay titles. Examples include verbs such as account for, outline, contrast and illustrate. Go>

Key Words - biz/ed

Scroll down to read a similar list, plus general advice. Go>

Understanding the Question

Detailed guide from Uefap. This looks at the different components of a question: the topic it covers, its particular focus, the instruction and any restrictions or viewpoints that may be included. Go>







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