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Find Synonyms

A thesaurus is a dictionary of synonyms - very useful if you want to avoiding repeating vocabulary.



When will I need a thesaurus?

A thesaurus is a dictionary of synonyms. In writing, it is important to avoid repeating vocabulary, so you can use this tool to find words with the same or similar meaning. 


Are they easy to use?

When you see your list of synonyms, you must choose carefully. Make sure you know if the words are formal or informal, positive or negative, or if there are other small differences.  Check a dictionary to find out.

Chambers Online Thesaurus

Type in your word and then select the thesaurus from the drop-down menu. Go>

Useful dictionary/thesaurus.  Type in a word and it will offers a list of synonyms, similar words and related words. Synonyms are closest in meaning. You can also search the children's version. Go>

Merriam-Webster Online

US dictionary and thesaurus. Go>

This will produce a longer list of words, and for that reason is more difficult to use. Go>


Definitions, synonyms and translations. Go>




Microsoft Word's Thesaurus

A lot of people don't know that Microsoft Word has its own thesaurus.

1. Right-click any word in your document.

2. Select 'Synonyms'

3. If you see nothing useful, click 'Thesaurus' for more words.


Remember to choose your word carefully, using a good dictionary for assistance.


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