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Learn, Smile, Lose Yourself.

Jokes, adventure games and quotations. Most of these pages have been designed for leaners of English.









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Jokes for English Language Students

An online collection of jokes. Here is a sample.

Newest jokes

Short jokes

Jokes at

Pick a joke, click 'answer' and hover the mouse to read explanations. There are three levels to choose from.

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Funny Mistakes from Around the World

A long list of real translation errors from around the world. Go>

Jokes at

A joke every week. Go>

Joke of the Day

From Grammarman. Go>

Learn English Through Jokes

Read ten English jokes AND explanations!

Level: Advanced. Go>




Reading Games

Haunted House

Read the clues to find objects in the house.

Level: Pre-Inter. Go>

Robot Rampage

Help superhero Grammarman to save Verbo City from evil robots.

Level: Pre-Inter to Intermediate. Go>

Upper Intermediate version

Viking Quest

Want to invade England? Try this BBC adventure to see if you make a great warrior. You need Flash. Go>



Personality Questionaires

Senses Challenge

How sharp are your senses of sight, sound, taste, smell and touch?

You need Flash. This website has sound Go>

Discover Your Perfect Career

Find out about your character and the kind of jobs that might be suitable for you. Go>

More quizzes

BBC Surveys & Psychology Tests

Many to choose from. Go>

What is Your Millionnaire Potential?

Could you be the next Bill Gates? Go>





Quotation of the Day

A random famous quotation from English Forum. Go>

BBC - Moving Words

Favourite quotations.

Level: Upper Inter to Advanced. Go>




LG Korean Fairytales

Read and listen to these traditional children's stories, with cute illustrations.

You need Shockwave. American English. This website has sound Go>

Learn to Read

This site helps young children learn to read. Bright, fun and beautifully animated.

You need Flash. This website has sound Go>



Grammarman Comics

Read the comic or watch the video.

Level: Pre-Inter to Intermediate. This website has video Go>


e-Book: Dial G for Grammar - Elementary

Riddles - Intermediate to Upper Intermediate

Homer Simpson Quotations - Upper Intermediate

Film Quiz - Upper Intermediate

More comics

20 Questions

A very clever website that attempts to guess whatever you are thinking of in only twenty questions. Go>

Guess the Name of the Film or TV Show

This website will ask you all kinds of questions to find the movie or TV show you are thinking of... so choose one that you know VERY well! Go>

Fun IQ Test

How clever are you? Try this unusual IQ test. Go>

Tongue Twisters

This may make your head explode! Go>




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