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Cambridge Dictionaries Online

Study Tools: Dictionaries, encyclopaedias and more >

Korean: Language Practice


언어 연습

English practice for Korean speakers.

Picture Dictionary, with Sound 그림 사전 과 소리 Hover the mouse over the picture to read the word and listen to the pronunciation (American English). Level: Beginner to Advanced.

마우스를 그림에 가져다놓으면 발음을 들을수 있는 사이트 입니다 .

레벨 : 기초 부터 고급까지. This website has sound Go>


Audio lessons - British English.

Level: Beginner to Advanced.

레벨 : 기초부터 최고급까지. This website has sound Go>

Level: Beginner to Advanced.

레벨 : 기초부터 최고급까지. This website has sound Go>

Korean-English Quizzes 한국어 - 영어 퀴즈

Numerous multiple choice tests on different topics (American English).

Level: Beginner to Upper Advanced.

여러가지 토픽을 가지고 테스드를 해보세요

레벨 : 기초부터 최고급까지. Go>

Jokes 농담들

A collection of English jokes translated into Korean, with vocabulary explained.

Level: Intermediate to Advanced.

영어 농담 을 한국으로 번역. Go>

DailyEnglish 일일영어

A huge website with excellent practice in grammar, vocabulary and especially listening.

Level: Intermediate to Advanced.

문법 , 단어 그리고 듣기를 할 수 있는 유용한 사이트 입니다 . This website has video This website has sound Go>

Yahoo! Korean Dictionary 야후 한국어 사전

This site provides dialogues that teach you vocabulary. You can listen, read and see explanations of useful words in Korean.

Level: Upper Inter to Advanced. This website has video This website has sound Go>

Proverbs 속담들

With translations and explanations.

Level: Advanced to Upper Advanced.

속담의 번역과 설명을 제공합니다 . Go>

English Songs 팝송

Korean translations of well-known English pop songs.

잘알려진 팝송을 한국으로 번역. Go>

LG Korean Fairytales 한국 동화들

Read and listen to these traditional children's stories, with cute illustrations. Choose a story. The Korean version will play first, but you can also listen to the English version by clicking 'English'.

You need Shockwave. American English.

한국어는 물론 영어로 동화책을 읽고 듣을수 있는 곳입니다 . This website has sound Go>






Beginner 초급

Elementary 기초

Pre-Intermediate 중하급

Intermediate 중급

Upper Intermediate 중상급

Advanced 고급

Upper Advanced 최고급

레벨 테스트를 해보세요 >

This website has sound Website with sound

This website has video Website with video


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