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Grammaire et Vocabulaire



Cambridge Dictionaries Online

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Grammaire et Vocabulaire

English practice for French speakers.

Excellent guide to the English language.

Level: Pre-Inter to Advanced. Go>

Picture Dictionary, with Sound Hover the mouse over the picture to read the word and listen to the pronunciation (American English).

Level: Beginner to Advanced. This website has sound Go>

Picture Dictionary for beginners

Basic Vocabulary

Choose a topic on the left to see a list of useful phrases in English and French.

Level: Beginner to Intermediate. Go>

French-English Quizzes

A few multiple choice tests on different topics (American English).

Level: Beginner to Advanced. Go>

AnglaisFacile Grammar Guide

A French guide to English grammar.

Levels: Elementary to Upper Inter. You need Adobe Reader. Go>

Prepositions Crossword

Clues in French; answers in English.

Level: Intermediate. Go>

Site interactif de compréhension de l'anglais.

Le Titanic

Villes américaines

Bruce Springsteen

Séries télé

Les métiers

Les avions


Level: Intermediate to Advanced. Go>

Faux Amis (False Friends)

A useful list of confusing words for French students learning English.

Level: Pre-Inter to Advanced. Go>



Advanced Only

A-Z of Faux Amis

A long list of false friends and near false friends, with explanations (in English) of the difference.

Level: Upper Inter to Upper Advanced. Go>

Web Language Lab

A wonderful selection of listening exercises in either British or American English, with vocabulary study and exercises.

Level: Upper Inter to Advanced. You need Flash. This website has sound Go>

Idioms and Slang

A long list. Simple, but with some interesting entries.

Level: Upper Inter to Upper Advanced. Go>

English Proverbs by Topic.

Level: Advanced to Upper Advanced. Go>

Proverbs in English and French

Literal and idiomatic translations of French proverbs.

Level: Advanced to Upper Advanced. Go>




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Upper Intermediate


Upper Advanced

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