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Train Your Ears!

Listening skills can be difficult to develop, but in today's media age, it is becoming easier and easier to practice, thanks to TV, film, radio, broadband Internet and more.

Listening Tips


There are many ways to improve your listening skills, so when you practice listening, it doesn't have to be just a listening exercise and some questions, like a traditional coursebook. Conversations with English-speaking friends, or watching English-language films with subtitles can be an excellent way of helping your ear to get used to the sound of English.


The important thing is that you enjoy your listening practice. Explore Okey-Dokey's large listening section to find the kinds of exercises that suit you.



Try Listening in Different Ways

Even if you practice with a more traditional approach, such as a cassette or CD with exercises, try listening in different ways, such as:


• Listening just once to get the general meaning.

• Listening and answering questions to get the key points.

• Listening again and again to try to get every word. If the exercise has a transcript, you could do a dictation and then check your work.

• Listening and reading the transcript together, paying attention to pronunciation.

• Listening just for fun, without the pressure of answering questions or doing a dictation.



• Study pronunciation to get a better idea of how native speakers speak.

• Read English Club's advice on listening: 'How to Hear English Everywhere'



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