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These links introduce you to studying English in the UK, but you will also find links to schools in your own country.


English in Britain - Interactive Map

Click on any part of the map to find accredited schools in that area. Go> 

Quality English

Quality English is a quality brand which is committed to promoting high quality English language schools and their courses to international students. The schools which make up Quality English are independent and of the highest quality. Go> 

UKStudentLife's Top 10 Language School Towns

Ten popular English towns and cities for English language schools. Click any town to read more information. Go> School Search
Aardvark's Good School Guide

Find a school in the UK, the USA, Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa or Malta with this global guide. Go> Language School Search

Find language schools all over the world. Go>





Changes in Immigration Law

This page from explains recent changes in the law, and the importance of studying at an accredited language school. Go> 

Why Choose an Accredited Centre?

From the British Council's website. Go>

A-Z List of British Council Accredited Centres in the UK

Use this list to visit schools' websites, and the links below to read publishale statements from their inspection reports. Go>

Publishable Statements A-K. You need Adobe Reader.

Publishable Statements L-Z. You need Adobe Reader.



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