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Cambridge Dictionaries Online

Study Tools: Dictionaries, encyclopaedias and more >

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The Course for You!

Find out what kinds of courses are available at language schools and other academic institutions.


Types of Courses

Summaries of the different types of English language courses

English UK website

Education UK website

Club UK article - scroll down the page

What Time of Year?

How does the time of year affect the courses, prices and students' nationalities at language schools? From Go>

English in Britain - Course Search

Search by course type, area or both. The website will list accredited language schools that match your enquiry. Go>

English Language Exams

Learn about the range of exam courses you can follow. Remember to visit the Okey-Dokey Exam section too. Go>

Okey-Dokey Exams Section

British Council Guide - Study Options

Detailed guide to the different kinds of courses and institutions where you can study a language, academic or vocational course.

You need Adobe Reader. Go>

EducationUK - Worldwide Sites

Read information and advice in your language about English language courses and other UK courses. Go>

Using an Agent

Advice from Go>




What is my English Level?

Net Languages Level Test

Before you apply for an English language course, you may want to measure your level of English.


Try this test from Net Languages. For each question, drag the word into the correct place in the sentence. It's not as easy as it sounds!

Level: Elementary to Advanced. Time: 20 mins+. Go>

More Level Tests on Okey-Dokey



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