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Cambridge Dictionaries Online

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Apply for a Visa


Guiding you through the process

Information about visa applications. The first websites listed are international student guides, while the latter are websites of the UK government.


About Visas - Hobsons Study UK

A clear introduction to visas and visa requirements. Go>

Visa Information and Advice from UKStudy

Visa information - questions and answers

Visa interviews - important points to remember

UKStudentLife Visa Guide

Useful vocabulary and a lot of information regarding visas. Go>

Frequently Asked Questions

Advice from UKCOSA: The Council for International Education. Go>

Guide to Visas and Immigration - Information sheets. You need Adobe Reader.

Guide for EEA & Swiss Students




UK Government Websites

The UK government's visa website. Go>

Preparing for Entry Clearance - You need Adobe Reader.

UK Embassies Overseas

Find the British embassy in your country. This government website has a complete A-Z list. Go>



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