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Cambridge Dictionaries Online

Study Tools: Dictionaries, encyclopaedias and more >

Verbs: Upper Intermediate Level 1 - Tenses


Grammar Topics

summary of all tenses

reported speech

future continuous and perfect

active and passive sentences

more about verbs




Level: Upper Inter. Go>

Future Continuous

More about future continuous

Level: Upper Inter. Go>

Future Perfect

More about future perfect

2-player quiz

Future forms quizzes

Level: Upper Inter. Go>

Dynamic and Stative Verbs

This will explain why you can't use some verbs in the continuous tense.

Try this exercise after you have studied the rules

Level: Intermediate to Upper Inter. Go>

Present Perfect Continuous

Explanation at

Explanation at

Quiz - present perfect simple & continuous

Lesson & quiz

Level: Upper Inter. Go>

Reported Speech

Guide to reported speech (also called 'indirect speech').

Summary of reported speech - British Council

Sentence transformation exercise

Space Game. Move your spaceship over the words in the correct order. You need Flash.

Level: Intermediate to Upper Inter. Go>


See the form of the passive in every tense

Page 1

Page 2

Active and passive exercises

Active and passive quiz - narrative tenses

Passive quiz - Upper Inter

Don't use 'by' if it isn't necessary

Level: Intermediate to Upper Inter. Go>

Passives - Video Lessons with Jennifer ESL

Jennifer is an English teacher in the USA. Learn grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation with her great lessons.

Level: Intermediate to Upper Inter. This website has video

The Passive - Lesson 4a

The Passive - Lesson 4a continued

Negatives & Questions

Short quizzes

Level: Upper Inter. Go>

'Do' for Emphasis

Video lesson by EF PodEnglish.

Level: Upper Inter. This website has video Go>





Overview of Tenses

Verb Tenses Test - Karin's Knee Surgery

A ten-question test.

Quiz - present perfect simple & continuous

Quiz - present perfect & past simple

Quiz - narrative tenses

Level: Intermediate to Upper Inter. Go>

Summary of Verb Tenses

With links to very detailed explanations of the rules.

Level: Intermediate to Advanced. Go> - Verb Tenses

Detailed explanations and exercises. Click on the left to choose your tense.

See all the tenses in English. Click here and scroll to the bottom.

Level: Upper Inter to Upper Advanced. Go>



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