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Cambridge Dictionaries Online

Study Tools: Dictionaries, encyclopaedias and more >

Verbs: Pre-Intermediate Level


Grammar topics

Present perfect

Past and present continuous

to or -ing?

mustn't and don't have to

Also try conditionals


Present Continuous

Rules and exercises

Picture quiz

More practice

Present simple or continuous?

Find the mistakes

Level: Pre-Inter. Go>

to or -ing?

Choose the right verb pattern.

Quiz 1

Quiz 2

Level: Pre-Inter. Go>

The Anteater Game - Verb Forms

Choose the right verb form and help the anteater to eat the right ant. Read the instructions carefully.

Level: Pre-Inter. You need Flash. This website has sound Go>

Present Perfect

Quick guide

Detailed guide

for and since quiz

Quiz - present perfect for changes and recent events

School Friends - video lesson - UK/US This website has video

Level: Pre-Inter to Intermediate. Go>

Present Perfect for Experience

Video lesson: 'Planning a Vacation'.

Level: Pre-Inter. UK/US/SA English. This website has video Go>

Song & Quiz: Have you ever...?

Mustn't and don't have to

Do you know the difference?

More about must and have to

should, must and have to - two quizzes

have to and be allowed to

Level: Pre-Inter. Go>

How to Pronounce '-ed' Words

Level: Pre-Inter to Intermediate. This website has sound Go>

Past Simple

Rules and exercises.

Level: Pre-Inter to Intermediate. Go>

Past Continuous

How to make it and how to use it.

Level: Pre-Inter to Intermediate. Go>

Past simple and continuous quiz 1

Past simple and continuous quiz 2

Video Lesson: 'Complaining' This website has video

Tense Test - the Verb 'have'

More practice with different tenses

Level: Pre-Inter to Intermediate. Go>

So do I / Neither do I

Quiz 1

Quiz 2

Level: Pre-Inter to Intermediate. Go>

May / might

Video lesson: 'Clothes'

Level: Elementary to Pre-Inter. This website has video Go>

Question Tags - It's ok, isn't it?

Video lesson: 'Office Party'.

Level: Pre-Inter. This website has video Go>





Which verb should I use?

Verb 1 - Infinitive - do

Verb 2 - Past simple - did

Verb 3 - Past participle - done


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