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Cambridge Dictionaries Online

Study Tools: Dictionaries, encyclopaedias and more >

Verbs: Intermediate Level 1


Grammar Topics

Basic future tenses

Past perfect

Active and passive tenses

Question tags

Indirect questions




Will, going to, present continuous or present simple?

Try this exercise after you have studied the rules

More exercises

Level: Intermediate. Go>

What are Verbs?

Improve your understanding of verbs and how to use them. Learn about main verbs, modal verbs and other helping verbs.

Level: Pre-Inter to Upper Inter. Go>

Active and Passive Sentences - Introduction

Passive sentences - easy exercise

Present perfect active and passive

Passive sentences - exercise with different tenses

Level: Pre-Inter to Upper Inter. Go>

Active and Passive Exercises

Choose from three activities:

1. History of time: easy quiz.

2. A science experiment: examples of changing active to passive.  This has sound (British English). You need RealPlayer. This website has sound

3. The jet engine: Fill in the gaps. Green is correct and red is wrong.

Level: Pre-Inter to Upper Inter. Go>

Passives - Video Lessons with Jennifer ESL

Jennifer is an English teacher in the USA. Learn grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation with her great lessons.

Level: Intermediate to Upper Inter. This website has video

The Passive - Lesson 4a

The Passive - Lesson 4a continued

Question Tags

'It's good, isn't it?' In the last sentence, isn't it? is a question tag. Learn all about it here.

Grammar & Quiz

Another Explanation

Intonation (rising and falling) This website has sound

Quiz 1

Quiz 2

Quiz 3

Level: Intermediate. You need Flash. Go>

Irregular Verbs Quiz

A 2-player game. You can choose easier or harder questions.

Level: Intermediate. Go>

Indirect Questions

Explanation and exercises.

Rearrange the sentences

Level: Intermediate. Go>

Negative Questions

Video lesson ('Lifestyle') on the subject of looking for a new flat. UK/US English. This website has video Go>

Past Perfect

More about past perfect

Quiz: Past simple or past perfect?

Level: Intermediate.  Go>

Can, Could, Be Able To

Level: Intermediate. Go>

Review quiz of must, should and have to

Shall in British English

Level: Intermediate. Go>




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