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Fun with Songs


All Together Now,...

Opportunities to learn English through listening and singing!

For English Learners

EFL Club Songs

Easy listening exercises. Listen and fill in the gaps. There are songs by Elton John, The Beatles, The Monkees and Louis Armstrong.

Level: Pre-Inter to Intermediate. This website has sound Go>

Song Lyrics Quiz

A short quiz that tests your grammar and music knowledge.

Level: Intermediate. Go>

ELLO Music Page

Original songs (but not famous ones) from English Listening Lab Online. Listen and read the words.

Level: Intermediate to Upper Inter. You need Flash. . This website has sound Go>


Listen to songs and the read the lyrics. Choose a song and move the mouse to listen.

Level: Upper Inter to Advanced. This website has sound Go>

British Council LearnEnglish - Songs Archive

Activities connected with songs and song lyrics. Go>

LearnEnglish Kids

Colourful British Council website with many songs to help kids learn English. Listen, read the lyrics, sing along and do activities connected with each song.

You need Flash. This website has sound Go>




Find Lyrics

Type a search or click a letter. Go>

Lyrics database. Go>



More Music Fun

BBC Online - A Question of Pop

Pop quizzes and other fun. Try the Audio Quiz and Trivia Quiz.

You need Flash . This website has sound Go>

Music Videos on Launch

Yahoo's music site offers radio and a large number of music videos to watch free. This website has video Go>

BBC Top of the Pops - Videos

Watch full-length pop videos and also clips from the BBC music show Top of the Pops.

You need RealPlayer. This website has video Go>

Official UK Top 40 Singles - with videos


Type in the name of the singer or band and click 'search'. You need Flash. This website has video Go>


Many music videos. This website has video Go>

A selection of recent pop videos. You need Flash. This website has video Go>

A-Z (over 6000 videos)

Karaoke: Download vanBasco Player

A great freeware program that will allow you to sing all your favourite songs. You can also search for song files on this website. Go>




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Upper Advanced

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