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See the World!

Exploring the world's countries and cultures is a fascinating pastime, and as the global language, English is ideal to learn if you enjoy travel. The websites below are great for both learning and fun.








Upper Intermediate



Upper Advanced


Learn Vocabulary

Picture Dictionary, with Sound Hover the mouse over the picture to read the word and listen to the pronunciation (American English).

Sea and air travel 


Car vocabulary - some of these words are different in British English.


The sea 

Change language 

Level: All. This website has sound Go>

Crosswords & Wordsearches

Countries & Nationalities 

Tourist Places  

Hotels & Hotels Rooms 

Level: Elementary to Pre-Inter. You need Flash. This website has sound Go>

Booking into a Hotel

Listen to a conversation. You can also practice speaking by listening to one part only.

Exercise 1 - Holiday Verbs 

Exercise 2 - In a Hotel 

Level: Pre-Inter. You need Flash. This website has sound Go>

Planning a Vacation

Video lesson.

Level: Pre-Inter. UK/US/SA English. This website has video Go>

At a Hotel - Useful Expressions

Put the words in order. 

Level: Pre-Inter to Intermediate. Go>

At customs - questions you may be asked

Countries and Nationalities Vocabulary

A long list of country names, adjectives and nouns to describe people from each country; for example, Scotland, Scottish, a Scot.  Remember that you always need capital letters.

Level: Intermediate to Upper Inter. Go>

Hotel Vocabulary Test

20 questions. Click on the word, then click on the definition.  When you have finished the first ten questions, click page score, then Q11-20.

Level: Intermediate. Go>

20 Words for Air Travel

Definitions of words such as aisle, runway and jet lag.

Level: Intermediate to Advanced. Go>




Reading and Listening Practice

Travel the World Virtually

Students from all over the world write about their travel experiences. Part of TOPICS online magazine for learners of English. 

Level: Upper Inter.  Go>

Five Tasks

Reading, gap-fill and conversation building exercises on various travel topics.  For gap-fill exercises, you can type or drag the word into the space.

Level: Upper Inter to Advanced. Go>

US Cities

A series of exercises based on descriptions of 30 American cities. Learn vocabulary and practise reading.

Level: Advanced. Go>

The Savvy Traveler

Programmes from a radio travel show that visits interesting and unusual destinations.  The programmes are about 5-8 minutes long.  Some have no text, but many have a transcript, so you can read as you listen.  You may need to visit several pages before you find one with a text!

Level: Advanced to Upper Advanced. You need RealPlayer. This website has sound Go>

For more stories, try the 1998, 1999, 2000 and 2001 archives.

LearnEnglish Magazine

Many articles to choose from, with comprehension exercises. Double-click any word to read its definition.

Level: Advanced. You need Flash. Go>

Overview of the UK

Concise description of Britain's towns and landscape at Yahoo! UK and Ireland.  This is an excellent source of travel vocabulary for the advanced learner.

Level: Advanced to Upper Advanced. Go>




Travel Websites


Online travel guide. 

Yahoo UK & Ireland Travel Guide

Destination guides and advice for tourists. Click on the map, or on your required destination.

Short guides in high-level English.

BBC Holiday

Reports, destination guide and tips.



Fun & Games

Airport Wordsearch

You need Flash.

Who Wants to be a Virtual Millionnaire?

Geography quiz.

Where to Next?

This BBC World Service quiz takes you on a tour of six different locations.

You need Flash. This website has sound

World Cup Flag Quiz

Based on the nationalities that to0k part in the 2002 World Cup in Korea and Japan. 

Europe Quiz

Ten multiple choice questions (Q7 is out of date!) 

Countries and Capitals

20 questions. Click on the city, then click on the country.  When you have finished the first ten questions, click page score, then Q11-20.

Holiday Personality Match

Answer a few questions, and this website will automatically find a holiday you would enjoy.

Where is That?

Do you know what country it is just from looking at a map?  Click on one of the four choices.

Scrambled Words



Rearrange the letters to make a word.



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