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Cambridge Dictionaries Online

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Go for Gold!

If sport is your thing, you'll want to talk about it in English too! Try these links and visit the football page too.








Upper Intermediate



Upper Advanced


Vocabulary - Elementary to Intermediate

Go, Go to or Play?

Match the sports and activities with the correct verb.

Level: Elementary. You need Flash. Go>

Go, Play or Do?

Most sports take the verb 'play', but those ending in -ing generally use 'go', and non-competitive sports like yoga often use 'do'. Test yourself with this quiz.

Another quiz 

Level: Intermediate. You need Flash. Go>

2-Player Sports Quiz

Level: Intermediate. Go>


Vocabulary - Intermediate to Upper Intermediate

Pitch, Court or Field?

Where do these sports take place? 

Level: Intermediate to Upper Inter.  Go>

Tennis Words

Match the picture with the word. You need Flash. Go>

Another tennis quiz 

Scuba Diving - Water Idioms

Video lesson.

Level: Intermediate to Upper Inter. This website has video Go>

What Do You Have to Do?

A matching exercise. Click on the sport, then on the sentence that begins, 'You have to...'

1. Sports (10 questions) 

2. Sports and other pastimes (19 questions)

Level: Intermediate to Upper Inter.

Which Sportsperson Would Say...?

Read the comment and identify the sport. 

Level: Upper Inter. Go>

Cricket Vocabulary

Match the word to the definition.

Level: Upper Inter. You need Flash. Go>

Camping Vocabulary Hover the mouse over the picture to read the word and listen to the pronunciation (American English). Level: All. This website has sound Go>



Vocabulary - Advanced

British Council Sports Games

Vocab Race 


Winter Sports

Level: Upper Inter to Advanced. You need Flash. Go>

LearnEnglish - Sport

Articles and exercises. 

Level: Upper Intermediate to Advanced. You need Flash. Go>

Tennis Vocabulary

Tennis terms with explanations, phrases for conversation and a quiz.  Also available in pdf. 

Level: Advanced. Go>

BBC World Service - Archive

A selection of sports stories that have appeared in the news.  Listen, read and learn vocabulary.  Click on another year for more stories.

Level: Advanced. You need RealPlayer. This website has sound Go>

Sports Reading Exercises

Double-click any word to read its definition, and test your comprehension with multiple choice questions . 

Water sports

Olympics 1

Olympics 2

Martial arts


Level: Advanced. Go>




Sports Websites

BBC Sport

Excellent and very large website with all the news and information you could want!

Sport player - video and audio news

You need RealPlayer. This website has video This website has sound Go>

Sky Sports

Read sports news. Go>

BBC Five Live

This radio station specializes in sport.  You can listen online.

You need RealPlayer. This website has sound Go>

F1 at

Formula One news and information. Go>

BBC World Service - Sports Round-Up

Summary of international sports news.

More sports radio programmes

You need RealPlayer. This website has sound Go>

BBC Sports Academy

Learn the rules and the skills for a wide range of sports. Go>

Virtual Body

Explore your muscles and learn exercises.

You need Flash.

Exercises homepage

In the gym

RealPlayer Guide

Sports news. You need RealPlayer. This website has sound Go>




Rugby Game - Are You a Kicking King?

Are you as good as England's kicking hero, Jonny Wilkinson?  You need to consider the wind speed and direction, and control the height,  power and direction of your kick. 

You need Flash. This website has sound

Learn the rules of rugby union

Play Cricket

Most people from other countries have never played cricket before.  Well, now you can with this free online game, Stick Cricket.  If you play well, you may score 4 runs (if you hit the ball to the boundary) or 6 runs (if you hit the ball over the boundary). Good luck!  

You need Flash. This website has sound

Play the game

Read the rules: 1. The basics

Read the rules: 2. How you can be 'out'

Sports Games at

A huge selection. You can imagine why they're called 'Mousebreaker'!  You need Flash. This website has sound

Volley Challenge - addictive football game

Eagle Eye Archery - your chance to be Robin Hood

Sports Games at

You need Shockwave. This website has sound Go>



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