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Cambridge Dictionaries Online

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FCE - First Certificate in English


Go for it!

Information and exercises for this popular English language exam.


Flo-Joe's FCE Trainer

Summary of exam. Go>

Brief summary of the exam and its level. Go>

Official Cambridge site

Exam summary and dates

Pass marks (FCE, CAE & CPE)

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Flo-Joe's FCE Trainer

Practice tests in Reading and Use of English, writing class, Paper 3 exercises and Word Bank.

Reading, Writing, Use of English. Go>

Sentence transformation practice (Use of English Part 3).

Use of English, Listening. You need Flash. This website has sound Go>

British Council FCE Listening

Listening. You need Flash. This website has sound Go>

Sample Exam Papers

At the official Cambridge exam website. Includes mp3 files of the Listening Test.

Reading, Writing, Use of English, Listening, Speaking. You need Adobe Reader. This website has sound Go>

Online Speaking Test

Do this with a partner. This website has sound

Speaking. Go>

Speaking Test Practice

A summary, advice and a complete test with sample answers    

Speaking. Go>

Word-Building Quizzes

Short multiple choice quizzes that will help you to prepare for Part 5 of Use of English.

Use of English. You need Adobe Reader. Go>

Quiz 1

Quiz 2

How Lucky Are You?

Practice in Use of English Part 5.   

Use of English. Go>

The English E - Build Your Word Families

Free sample quizzes (useful for Use of English Part 5).

Use of English. You need Adobe Reader. Go>

Sentence Transformations

Practice in Use of English Part 3.   

Use of English. Go>

More Sentence Transformations


Use of English. Go>


Exercises in the style of CAE and FCE tasks.

Writing, Use of English. You need Flash.  Go>

Model letters - formal and informal

Error Detection Practice

These exercises come from Business English, but are a useful way to practise for Use of English Part 4. If a line has an incorrect and unnecessary word, click on the word.

Use of English. Go>





Short Use of English Test

Use of English. Go>

Error Correction and Word Formation Exercises

Use of English. Go>

Word Formation Quiz

Practice for Use of English, Part 5. Here, you have to type the noun derived from each verb.

Use of English. Go>


Reading, Use of English. Go>

FCE Website for Spanish Speakers 

Vocabulary and grammar study, plus advice. This site is Argentinian, but is mostly in English.

Reading, Use of English. Go>

Advice (in English) about each part of the exam


Guide to the Cambridge Exams

The Cambridge exams test General English in the four skill areas - Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. CPE, CAE and FCE also have a paper which tests accuracy of grammar and vocabulary.

The exams are similar in format. Below is an approximate level guide:

CPE - (Upper Advanced)

CAE - (Advanced)

FCE - (Upper Intermediate)

PET - (Intermediate)


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