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Learning Online


Why Study Online?

There are numerous advantages to studying online. This section discusses several key benefits.



A Multimedia Experience to Suit Many Learning Styles

With text, audio, video and games, online study can meet a range of learning preferences. Whether you learn best by reading, listening or doing, there is wealth of useful material.



Control and Convenience

The interactivity of the web means that the learner has greater control over the learning process, being able to switch from one activity to another according to needs and interests.


Video and audio files can be paused and rewound, words can be looked up at any point using an online dictionary. Another click or two can be enough to check a point of grammar. No need to trawl through books in the library!



Get Answers Immediately

Many online exercises are self-marked, so rather than waiting for the teacher to correct work, you are a just a click away from knowing whether you were right or wrong.


Many websites have developed entertaining games and quizzes to make online self-study more enjoyable.



But you Need a Teacher too!

Okey-Dokey has been designed to provide extra practice for your studies and not to replace your teacher! We believe that to learn English effectively, you will need time to study by yourself, time to practise informally with friends and class time under the guidance of a good teacher. If you are looking for a language school, Okey-Dokey can help with your search. Click here to go to the Language Schools section.





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