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About Us


A passion for learning, for language and for the web!


The Best of the Web... FREE!

Okey-Dokey is designed for students learning English who want to find information, learn the language and practise online with both fun and serious activities.


Each link takes you to a site with free and useful content. You'll be amazed what you find!



Perfect for Self-Study

The Okey-Dokey Directory has more than 2,000 links to help with virtually every aspect of English, from listening and pronunciation practice to grammar, vocabulary, exam preparation and English for business or academic purposes.


Our links directory is the work of English language teachers, students, and Internet lovers. Websites are selected for their quality, accuracy and usefulness and then categorised to help you find them easily.



Learn and Enjoy

Learn through songs, films, jokes and games in our fun section. Read articles in our online magazine and join debates on discussion topics. Find out about Britain and its culture. You'll have as much fun visiting our site as we had creating it!



Find Information

As well as being a comprehensive links directory for studying English, Okey-Dokey is an ideal place to find information on studying in the UK at a language school or university.







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