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Cambridge Dictionaries Online

Study Tools: Dictionaries, encyclopaedias and more >

MBA Page


Get closer to your degree

Valuable resources for MBA students and those doing other Business degrees. You'll find theory, vocabulary and information websites here, plus various business glossaries.


Times 100 Case Studies

A wonderful selection of case studies to read. Select a company, and click on the underlined words to learn the meaning.

You need Flash. Go>


Study materials for a range of business courses. MBA materials include finance, marketing, HRM, operations management and strategy.

MBA materials

Other learning materials

Financial ratio analysis

Glossary and acronym finder

Internet resources

MBA lessons in 10 categories. Go>

Scroll down to see articles on many business topics. These are more practical than academic, but can give you a useful introduction. Go>

Handy Guide to the Gurus of Management

Mangement theorist Charles Handy introduces a range of well-known writers on the subject of management, such as Michael Porter. Simple and clear, despite the advanced topics. These pages also teach vocabulary. Go>

Statistics Glossary

Explanations of statistical terms and techniques. Go>


'The home of business intelligence'. Find company information by using a search or browsing by industry. Go>

Hoovers Online UK

Research companies and industries, locate business people, read company overviews and news items. Some pages are free and others require a subscription. Go>

BBC Business Fact Files

Helpful introductions to a wide range of topics and frequently asked questions. Go>




A-Z lists of terms


Accounting (US) -

Accounting (US) - AICPA

Advertising (US) - Texas Advertising

Business and Economics -

Business and Finance (CAN) -

Economics - The Economist

Economics -

Finance -

Finance -

Finance - BBC Working Lunch

Finance (US) -

Finance (US) - NY Times

International Trade - MaxTrad

Investment -

Marketing (US) - Tarket Marketing Magazine

Marketing - Financial Terms (short glossary) - Competitor Watch

Project Management (US) -



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