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Cambridge Dictionaries Online

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Information & Advice


Searching for facts or advice?

If you need information about a company, an industry, or how to run a small business, this is the page for you. These pages were written for native speakers.



BBC Business Fact Files

Helpful introductions to a wide range of topics and frequently asked questions. Go>

BBC Working Lunch

The website of the award-winning lunchtime TV programme about business, personal finance and consumer news. This site contains news, articles, advice, videos, market data and lessons for school students.

You need RealPlayer. Go>

LearnDirect Free Factsheets

160 Directors' Briefings and 30 Start-Up Briefings.

You need Adobe Reader. Go>


'The home of business intelligence'. Find company information by using a search or browsing by industry. Go>

Hoovers Online UK

Research companies and industries, locate business people, read company overviews and news items. Some pages are free and others require a subscription. Go>

Biz/ed Internet Resources Catalogue

Over 4,000 useful web resources by category. Go>

Krislyn's Strictly Business Sites

US site with many links, organised by category. Go>




Small Businesses

BBC News in Depth - Running a Business

A variety of articles and advice from experts. Go>

Business Link

A UK government organisation providing practical advice for businesses. Go>

Scroll down to see articles on many topics. Go>

Canadian website with resources for SMEs. 4HB stands for 'for home businesses'. Go>

Microsoft's website for the small business community. Go>

Business Gateway

Scottish website with advice for small businesses. Go>

6 Deadly Small Business Marketing Mistakes

Useful free e-book.

You need Adobe Reader. Go>


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