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Speaking and Listening for Business


Language is power!

Meetings, negotiations, greeting new business associates, checking in at hotels and conferences, plus general business conversation.



efPod English Video Lessons

Listen online - just click 'Play'. This website has video

Office Phone - UK/US/Aus

Negotiating - UK/US

Job Interview - UK/US

Sales Figures - UK/US

Investor - UK/US

Ten Days in Manchester

A 10-part speaking and listening course from BBC World Service. For each topic, choose a 'good day' or a 'bad day' according to your mood.

Level: Intermediate to Upper Inter. You need RealPlayer. This website has sound Go>

Business Expressions

Scrambled sentences of useful speaking expressions. From the Business Focus coursebook by Oxford University Press.

Level: Intermediate to Upper Inter. Go>

BBC Learn English - Talking Business

Listen to, read and download telephone conversations. Learn useful expressions.

Level: Upper Inter. You need Flash. This website has sound Go>

Video Lesson - The Business of English 4

Chairing a meeting. Australian English.

Level: Upper Inter to Advanced. This website has video Go>

More episodes of 'The Business of English'

In2English - J@M

Don't worry if you're not Chinese. This is a very useful site for all nationalities. Practise your speaking and listening by following events in a fictitious design company. There are 39 colourful animations to choose from. Click on the arrows to select a topic. Click your chosen and wait for the animation to download. When you play it, click 'Dialogue' for subtitles.

Level: Intermediate to Upper Inter. You need Flash. This website has sound Go>


Another excellent series of animations from the Anglo-Chinese website In2English. Choose an episode, watch a movie with subtitles and do exercises.

Level: Upper Inter to Advanced. You need Flash. This website has sound Go>

Linguarama - Polite English

Short speaking exercises on various themes.

Level: Upper Inter. Go>


A colourful series of animations and lessons, based on meetings between Chinese and British companies. In Mandarin Chinese, but English too!

Level: Upper Inter to Advanced. You need Flash. This website has sound Go>


Listen and read to negotiations and then study how to improve the technique in the examples. In Mandarin Chinese and English.

Level: Advanced. You need Flash. This website has sound Go>




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