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English Language Students in the UK

"around 700,000 people come to learn English in the UK each year"

"the total expenditure of the 700,000 visitors to the UK annually to learn English is over 700 million pounds - possibly over one billion pounds"

"British English language products are worth over 800 million pounds a year to the UK"


Source: British Council website (retrieved August 2005).



International University Students in the UK

"There are more than 275,500 students from overseas studying in the UK. They... represent almost 13 per cent of the student population."


Of these, around 103,000 are from Asia and 97,000 are from the EU.


Source: Higher Education Funding Council for England (2005), Higher education in the United Kingdom.



Multicultural Britain

"In 2001, 4.9 million (8.3 per cent) of the total population of the UK were born overseas."

Source: National Statistics Online (from 2001 census).


"Research has revealed that more than 300 languages are spoken by children in London's schools, making the capital the most linguistically diverse city in the world."

Source: National Literacy Trust website (retrieved June 2006).



English: the Global Language

"by the year 2000 it was estimated that over one billion people will be learning English"


Source: British Council website (retrieved August 2005).








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